I may have come late into the world of songwriting, but there’s one thing I’ve known since the beginning: love is the way. When I picked up my first guitar at the age of twenty, it was like coming home. All I had to do was listen. In the years since, I find that music has taken up residence at the very core of my soul. Everyday, I’m blown away by it’s power to spread love and healing. The early years of my career were spent busking in coffee shops, bars, and restuarants where graciously I was given the opportunity to hone my craft. I had the blessing of working with so many kind strangers along the way, many of whom are dear friends today. 

     Music has been there for me when simple words could not suffice and I thank God for it. It’s been there through my joy, sorrow, confusion and clarity. And it’s my hope that I can provide to others what the Creator of music has so generously gifted me - a place to feel understood. Come with an open mind. Listen with an open heart. Love is the way.

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